In English

JCI Helsinki is a local JCI organization based in the city of Helsinki. We have about 70 active members who are mostly 18-40 years old. In JCI Helsinki we are especially interested in business opportunities, well-being and self development. We offer our members possibilities for interesting learning experiences and project work.

To achieve these goals, we

  •  organize training sessions for JCI members, representatives of cooperation partners and members of community who are interested of our actions to improve their skills in work-life
  • cooperate with local businesses to improve knowledge about the business scenario in capital area
  • offer skills to achieve better balance in work and personal life. We believe that people who have these two in balance are willing to contribute to the community and make it better.

Junior Chamber International, or JCI, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for young professionals who are interested in personal and professional growth. It is a hobby that combines the joy of doing and learning with the best sides of work and free time. JCI offers its members different type of opportunities on a local, national and international level. There are about 200 000 members in well over 100 countries worldwide.  The Finnish national organization, JCI Finland has more than 2000 members, and together with the honorary members, trial members and senators we form an active network of over 5000 JCIs.